• Super Forklift

    We have an extensive range of electric forklifts for the logistics and warehousing industry, offering clean and robust power with almost maintenance-free operation. Our forklifts come with a very stable chassis, good weight-to-load handling performance and easy controls.
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  • Mega Gloves

    Built with neoprene for warmth and premium ArmorTex for protection, this is the ultimate lobster glove. PALM: Comfortable nylon lined ArmorTex palm provides a great non-slip grip, while preserving a soft touch. This material is extremely strong and tear resistant.
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  • Hyper Handstacker

    An economical lift to handle task from transporting dies and moulds skids and pallets. Sturdy and compact enough to fit through standard door and to operate in congested areas.
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  • Kevlar Product
  • Material Handling
  • Safety Shoes
  • Double Dip Pallet Racking
 High comfort level. Will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity. +

Arm Sleeves

powered by DuPont

 Help deliver the cut protection and suppleness needed by skilled workers. +

Cut Resistance Gloves

powered by DuPont

 Kevlar string knit gloves provide cut and abrasion resistance. +

Double Dotting Gloves

enhanced by DuPont


Forklift: Super Forklift Benz

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Unicorn 1802KX

TightGrip Architeture on bottom sole allows increase security and ease when climbing ladders and uneven surfaces.

Anti-static-oill and heat-resitant polyurethane outsole with impressive flex properties against abrasion and tear specificaly engineered for extreme toughness and durability at work.

Genuine leather upper from selected quality cow leather.

Double Dip Pallet Racking

Double deep pallet racking offers higher storage density than selective pallet racking where instant accessibility to the rear pallet is not required.

A special fork truck is required to access the rear pallet.